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 Awards Development Programme

Swim2u Swim School Awards

Swim2u's basic lesson principles are to provide lots of swimming, feedback and fundamentals, ending with 5 minutes of constructive play to improve water skills.

We feel that stroke technique is more important than distance to ensure greater efficiency and stamina in the water, which then leads to the ability to undertake further distances with ease and control.

We use British Swimming National Plans for Teaching Swimming (N.P.T.S.).  This covers a range of Awards that comprise of Distance, Water skills, Challenges and a compilation of all 3 that encourage stroke development.

British Swimming, formally known as The Amateur Swimming Association (A.S.A.) is the National Governing Body for Swimming, Diving, Water Polo and Synchronized Swimming throughout England. Its main responsibility is to oversee the development of these sports from the very first introduction through to competition on the world stage. 

Pupils will be continually assessed during their lessons.  However, formal assessments are undertaken prior to the Christmas, Easter and Summer school holidays.  Pupils will be moved to the next level once all the criteria have been achieved in a comfortable and stress free manner.  Inevitably, therefore, some pupils may move through the scheme at a faster rate than others

The British Swimming Awards that we give the children the opportunity to undertake are:

Duckling Awards

National Swim and Distance Awards

Personal Survival Awards

Challenge Awards

Competitive Start Awards

Challenge Awards, Personal Survival Awards and Competitive Start Awards can only be undertaken at Harrogate Ladies College, due to the depth and dimensions of the pool.

All Awards are priced at 3.50